Tonight we had a meeting at the church to present an update on our church's building expansion project, entitled the Imagine Campaign. This has been quite exciting over the last few months to start seeing this come together and it was great tonight to finally share the building plans with the congregation.

The Image Campaign team has been doing an awesome job with this and really need a big pat on the back for all their work!

I haven't played a part in the actual planning of the new building... My role has been to evaluate our current ministry needs in the areas of Adult Ministries (which includes adult evangelism) and look at our future needs and what would be required of the facilities if we went forward with the construction of a building addition.

The huge reality of my current ministry is that space is limited. Very limited. Even the greatest idea for a new ministry would be very hard pressed to find a single day in the week when adequate space could be found in the church. Great problem to have... but makes ministry more about competition then working together to see people grow in a meaningful relationship with God and with each other.

I would love to see our different ministries working together instead of completely separate entities. For example, on Tuesday night we have our weekly Kidz Klub. The building is PACKED with kids! It's really awesome! Yet, so many parents, who are not connected to a church, dropped their kids off and then head home and pick them up with its finished. Those parents never connect with anyone. With more building space, instead of the parents leaving , they could stick around and have dinner with a group of other parents and do the Alpha Course. Ideas like this just get me all pumped!

So the Imagine Team presented the building and the estimated costs. The youth pastor, children's director and myself shared the current and future ministry needs in each of our areas, and then it was a question and answer period. One thing really amazed me. All the questions were in relation to the construction of the building and the money... not on anything about the future ministry plans. From the reaction, everyone seemed to be very much on board with what we were discussing about how God could continue to impact our community through this church. That was VERY encouraging and really left me with an awesome feeling about this. I can't wait to see where God is going with this campaign!

The Imagine team will be doing the identically meeting on the 14th for those who missed tonight's then have another Q&A session on the 24th. The congregation will be voting whether or not we go forward with the building expansion at our next congregational meeting on November 4th. Should be exciting :)


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