Our Visit to The Meeting House

This morning my family and I drove down to Oakville, Ontario in order to visit The Meeting House, the church for people not into church.

We had a great morning... we managed to get there nice and early so that was perfect. I was worried that we'd be rushed. We actually got there 30 minutes before the service so that gave us time to find out where we needed to bring my daughter and get some information about the church.

I was a tad surprised on the lack of any type of welcome team or greeters... I would have imagined that if anyone had a strong welcome team this would be the place. I guess this area is really the weak point of all churches :) Luckily the place was very well laid out and information was easy to find. The atmosphere was very laid back. The children's area was excellent.

I really enjoyed Bruxy's message this morning. It was a great reminder and challenge for me personally on this importance of living a life where we don't live above our means so we could be used to give more to God's work. I love the update on their involvement in the HIV/AIDS work in Africa. Good on them!!

This service gave me ton of ideas for our own integration of new families at our church. Once I get them approved from the senior pastor I'll share them then :)


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