What's In a Name?

For the next few days I'm putting a lot of energy into our small group ministry. As we continue to move forward as a church I firmly believe that the best way that we'll be able to live out our mission of "Helping people grow in a meaningful relationship with God and each other" is to have a healthy, vibrant, growing, organic small group ministry.

The first thing I'm looking at is the name of the ministry... this may sound dumb, but I think there's something to this... Small groups are known by so many different names in different churches: small groups, care groups, home church, Fellowship groups, life groups, etc, etc... I think the name reflects the nature and the purpose of the group. If I was joining a Fellowship Group I would expect to hang out with friends and eat cake. If I was joining a Care Group I would expect to find care and support for struggles that I'm going through in my life. So, if I already have a large network of friends I wouldn't go to a Fellowship Group. If life is grand and I have no worries at all I wouldn't go to a Care Group.

So what best reflects what I'm hoping to accomplish in our small group ministry? I guess for me personally, the small group is the church. I feel that the relationships and the ministry potential within the small group are much easier to help grow deeper relationships with God and other people then in big, worship service church... So maybe Home Church or House Church would be a better name for this ministry...

What do you think?? Do you think the name matters? Do you know of any other ideas? I'd LOVE your feedback on this!


Robin said…
I like House Church. To me, small groups are about that very thing: being the Church. It sends a good message, too, that church isn't what goes on on Sunday or a building or whatever; it's the people, wherever they meet.

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