Alvin and the Chipmunks

Yesterday we managed to find some time to get away from the Christmas rush and enjoy a good old family movie time. We brought the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I've always loved the Chipmunk music. I had a bunch of their albums growing up as a kid. So it was a real hoot seeing my kids just love this movie and the music!

This had to be the most fun I've had going to a movie in a long time. There were kids dancing in the aisles and just having a ton of fun. That what movies are all about :-)
I had a lot of fun in the movie as well. Was it just me reliving my childhood of listen to the Chipmunk Christmas Song at my grandmother's house? Maybe. Or maybe I just kept expecting Jason Lee to break out into a rant about Lando Calrissian getting to fly the Millenium Falcon (from Chasing Amy - funniest scene in any movie EVER!).
If you're looking for some good family fun this Christmas season, I would definitely recommend this movie. Simple story, great laughs, and fun-filled danced filled music - I even bought the soundtrack on iTunes this morning and the kids and I have been dancing all around the house since we got home from church :-) This was a great kick off to our family Christmas!


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