Sunday Night Brain Dump

What a week! Man oh man did it ever fly by fast! I had SO many things at the church and around the house I was hoping to accomplish... oh well. Tis the season to be busy like crazy :-)
  • Two major things I'm working on at the church... First, is I want to find as many people as possible who are passionate about helping people to get connected with other people here at Woodside. I'm leaning towards picking up a web based software tool to help this team track the contact everyone is making with new people at the church. But before I slap down the money I want to make sure I'm not the only person in the building with this passion :-) Second, is the small group ministry... or should I say Home Church ministry. I know it's going to take years to change this ministry... but every baby step in the right direction helps. I'm looking forward to the steps we'll be taking in January.
  • I'm wondering if I should teach a men's group on The Man in the Mirror? That book was life changing for me and I would love to see other guys transformed by it as well. I wondering if, instead of watching the author Pat Morley talking about it, if it would be more effective to the men of the church to have this coming directly from one of the pastors... That would mean potentially teaching every week for 24 weeks! That's a pretty big chunk of work but I would just LOVE THAT!
  • Friday night I had six guys come over for an evening of junk food and Wii. I had a great time! I certainly miss hanging out the "boys". I can't remember the last shot 'em up movie I've gone to see... I'll have to have these Wii nights regularly.
  • Only a couple of more weeks of school. I haven't received the results for my midterm yet... all I'm hoping for is a D. I'm OK with the idea of being a C student... cause I know I'm giving it my all to be an A+ pastor :-) Next semester I'm taking "Introduction to Preaching". Maybe this will help explain to me why everyone falls asleep in my sermons :-)
  • I thought our worship service this morning was great! Andrew did a fantastic job with the music (like always!) and I really enjoyed the guest speaker we had. Actually this guy served as Woodside's pastor years ago. I hope I'm just as WOWED by Jesus at age 69 like this guy is! I nearly jumped out of my pew and shouted AMEN when we was talking about how we spend too much time thinking that everything in scripture is black and white when the reality is most things are quite grey. Very fun morning.
  • In the last 7 days I've received two incredibly nice notes from different people just saying how much they're happy my family and I have made the move to come here to Elmira and thanking me for all that I do. Man! Those notes really feel great. I know it's not about the praises of men and that we need to be focused on God and pleasing Him... but when I go through those times of feeling a bit like an outsider... it's nice to know that God is using us here for His glory and that others feel that as well. I really love it here!
  • This week I'm meeting a guy from Promise Keepers Canada. Looking forward to it. I just LOVE men's ministry and I'm thrilled with all that PK is doing here in Canada. Looking forward to chatting with him.


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