Going to Geek Out

Seems like it's been weeks since I've hit the comic book store... oh wait! It has been! With the Elmira Theater show running for the past 3 weekends (which by the way was selected to be part of the 2008 Western Ontario Drama League Festival!!!) it feels like the month just flew by without my weekly dose of comic geeky goodness.

So, after a lunch meeting today, I'll be swinging by to pick up my stash of comics... and tomorrow morning while the kids are at school and my wife is out with some friends I'll curl up by the fake fire place with a coffee and enjoy getting caught up in my favorite issues.

As a BIG Dr. Doom fan. He's definitely one of my favorite baddies! I'm glad he's turned up in recent issues of Fantastic Four and now again in The Mighty Avengers. Don't know what it is... but there's something about this guy's ego that I just love :-)


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