Goodbye Fishy

Last night was the cutest and saddest thing I've seen my daughter Sam do.

While cleaning out her fish tank together we found that her beta fish "Fishy" had died. Looks like she got caught under one of the decorations...

Sam was very brave and wanted to help pray for Fishy. We gently scooped her out of the tank and laid her in the porcelain bowl which would carry her away. Sam watched on and we prayed together... then that's when her little heart broke and she started to cry. She had wanted to be the one to flush Fishy away but she was crying too much and was much to sad to do it... so she held my hand, we prayed together with her mom and me, then we said goodbye to Fishy.

Looking at Sam I nearly started sobbing myself! My dad alarm went off like crazy... "Your little princess is hurting, DO SOMETHING!" We finished cleaning the tank together... then I did what I guess every dad of a crying four year old girl would do... We jumped in the car and ran out to buy another fish :-)

This really made me wonder last night... how does God feel when our hearts our broken? When really bad stuff comes into our lives, how does this make God feel? If he is our heavenly Father, and loves us so much, how is he jumping fast in his car to make our pain go away? Then I remembered that over used and simple verse, "For God so loved the world that he sent his only son, that whoever believes in him while not perish but have eternal life"! Sending Jesus is better then any new fish he could have given us. One day, the world will have no more pain and suffering thanks to the sacrifice and price paid by Jesus... and for that I'm hugely grateful!

So, now I hope that for that day where I'll be in that perfect place, holding my daughter's hand, and maybe, just maybe, be able to say Hi to Fishy again. You never know :-)


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