Happy Anniversary!

Today is our nine year wedding anniversary! Hard to believe it's been nine years already. I actually remember nearly all the details of that day like it was just a few months ago... if it wasn't for this HUGE six year old kid running around our house I would never believe it's been that long that we've been married :-)
Our wedding day was fantastic. We had a great celebration and the party was awesome. It was a wonderful day being with family and friends. One my my highlights when was Father Fred (we were still attending a Catholic church when we were married) had Danielle repeat her vows after him. He started with "I, Danielle". And she looked at him, smiled, and say "Hi!". Everyone got a real chuckle out of that :-) And that was pretty much the mood of our marriage ever since. A ton of great laughs and a ton of love!
In November 2008 we'll be celebrating our ten years of marriage a little early... we've already booked a Mediterranean cruise! We'll be hitting Spain, France, Rome and a couple of other stops. That should be awesome!
So, happy anniversary Danielle! Love ya tons!


Joe Litton said…
CONGRATS on beating the odds! I read years ago that one of the keys to a lasting marriage is a common spiritual foundation. My wife and I have that (in fact we met at a gathering of meditation folks), and I also believe that it has helped immensly that we make each other laugh. Humor is so important ...without it everything is so, well, SERIOUS! Yuck! There's plenty of opportunity for serious!

Congrats, best wishes for 50+ additional years of wedded bliss, and looking forward to news of the cruise in the fall.

Cheers :)
Chris Whisonant said…
Congrats to you guys!!

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