Small Group Dreaming

I'm in the process of putting together a plan which I will be presenting to our church elders next week. This plan is focusing on our current Small Group Ministry and my vision for its future.

I'm so grateful for the relationships I've been developing with other Small Group Pastors in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and with the other pastors who I've had the opportunity to learn from by reading their blogs. It is such a great time we live in where we can network with such a wide variety of people and opinions!

I'm writing about our current reality of the Small Group ministry... and showing where the holes lie that really need to be plugged up. I then will be looking at our future. As the church continues to grow... how are we ensuring that people really are "growing in a meaningful relationship with God and each other"? How are we ensuring that people are not just simply attending church programs but are in fact growing spiritually and making a difference in their families and community for the glory of Jesus Christ? I lose a TON of sleep thinking, planning and getting excited over this prospect. It's time to finally start getting a few others to start losing some sleep over this as well with me :-)

After the elders meeting (and if it doesn't get shot down too badly), I'll share some of thoughts here with the rest of you.


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