Wednesday Morning Coffee Intake

Today I need coffee... LOTS of it! I'm tired. I've been up WAAAYYYY too late nearly every night for over a week. Two main reasons... I'm geeking out playing LEGO Star Wars on the Wii, and, well, since I just lay in bed and don't sleep anyways I might as well be doing something :-)

This morning I was chatting with our Worship Pastor (who by the way is a TOTAL genius!) about frustrations... and the key thing that hit me is being frustrated here as a pastor is in some ways similar to the frustration I had working for a big information technology company... but in other ways it's very different. In the computer biz I was just annoyed with the red tape of trying to get anything done. It seemed like for every single thing that needed to get done I always had to go over people's heads and get their boss' boss' boss to intervene to get people to do anything. That drove me batty. At church, well, the red tape is different... it's more of a comfort zone, grass roots kind of tape... and it can be just as frustrating.

But I think here the frustration comes from a different source. I think it really fits under the holy discontent thing :-) I'm not content "playing" church. I'm not content doing church programs for the sake of doing programs. I'm not content in just going through the motions and isolating myself in a completely Christian culture. I'm not content that the world is like it is. I'm not content that a lot of Christians I talk to are more concerned with their needs then the needs of other people. I'm not content just assuming everyone in my church is doing well spiritually, since, just based on the size of the congregation, I can say with confidence not everyone is.

So... this holy discontent keeps me up. And not just awake at night but it REALLY PUMPS ME UP! I LOVE BEING A PASTOR! I love God and the fact that for some bizzaro reason God actually loves me so much that he would want to use me to do some amazing and crazy stuff in this world! I love Jesus so much for his grace and love and the fact that he didn't just simply smite all us stupid sinners like we probably deserve!

I love this frustration :-) And I love coffee, so I don't mind that today I'm going to need about 20 cups of it to get through the rest of the day :-)


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