The Armor of Religion - Part 1

In Ephesians 6:11-17 we read about the type of "armor" that God wants us to put on in order to resist the attacks on our hearts. At the youth retreat a couple of weeks ago, I presented the idea that way too many Christians are using the Armor of Religion instead of the full armor of God for their spiritual well being. I used the example of Iron Man to tell this story about how we build up our own systems in order to deal with our heart condition... and these religious systems are just not good enough.

Since that topic really hit home for me personally I thought I'd share that here on my blog.

Jesus didn't come to start a new religion... he came to restore our relationship with God and to free us from the slavery of trying to live up to religion! So... I believe the Armor of Religion is the exact opposite of God's armor! Over the next few days I'll talk about the different pieces of the Armor of Religion.

Piece #1 - The Belt of Lies

In 2 Peter 2:3 we read "In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money."

Let's face it, in religion we lie. A lot! We lie about how well we're really doing spiritually. We lie about the struggles that we are going through in our lives. We lie about how much we donate to charity or to the church. We lie to hold on to our positions in the church. We lie to look better then others. We lie to show how smart we are. We lie about so many different things... and why do we do that? So that we can look religious! We figure no one else struggles with the stuff that we do so we all go around pretending to be something that we're not.

Instead of wearing the Belt of Truth... which by the way, it's the truth that will set us free, we exchange that in for a Belt of Lies. Instead of living in the reality of who we are... instead of confessing our sins to one another... instead of encouraging one another... instead of praying for one another... the Armor of Religion traps us to live out a lie.

The lie of looking like the perfect Christian.


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