First Impressions Workshop

Today I'm in Granger, Indiana with our Pastor of Worship visiting Granger Community Church for their First Impression Workshop.

First Impressions is Granger's welcome and integration ministry. I've read a number of stuff from Mark Waltz, Pastor of Connections so I really wanted to get down here to check this out. The welcoming and integration at our church happens... but it's not really purposeful, or monitored, or very strategic... in fact, I think the only people who get integrated to the live of our church are strong Christians who move to the community and know exactly how to do "church life"... but those who are seeking and sitting in the back pew are not easily getting plugged in to the life of the church.

This area of ministry, unfortunately, ends up on the bottom of the priority list... this summer I'm focusing mainly on this for the next month or two... This area REALLY needs to be completely reworked before we finish construction of our new building expansion.

So I'm looking forward to what this workshop has to say... I'll blog more about it later today.


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