I Thought Life Got More Relaxed in the Spring...

The past couple of weeks have been crazy nuts around here. So much going on and so much that I would love to be blogging about... just haven't been able to find the time to get to it. Here's a bit of a brain dump this morning.
  • My neck and shoulders are really stiff! I started working out again on the Bowflex gym I have in my garage... great work out but I really wish exercise didn't have to hurt so much!

  • This weekend the family and I are heading up to Joy Bible Camp for the long weekend. I'm going to be teaching four sessions at the youth retreat happening there. I only have 2 of the sessions nearly completed so I need to get cracking on finishing this up!!

  • We had a really nice Mother's Day yesterday. The kids surprised Danielle with breakfast in bed. After church we all spent the afternoon in Stratford. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate but it was still nice to get out of the house.

  • I'm reading the book The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson and Eric Bramlett. Great book! I'm just LOVING the idea of focusing what we're teaching as a church and get everyone on board with one really Big Idea. Church can so easily be filled with information overload and in reality absolutely no life change happens... we just go through the motions and sit through all this information... but by focusing on a single big idea covered in all areas of ministry (Sunday service, youth group, kids program, mid week small group, etc) then we have a much bigger impact and see lives transformed. LOVE THIS!!

  • I'm actually quite stunned that it's already the 12th of May! Where does the time go?!?!? I was really hoping to have so much more work done by now...

  • Our church's building campaign had some great news this weekend. In order to go forward with the building construction we had a target pledge amount of 1.5 million. After 4 weeks of teaching on stewartship, a FANTASTIC church celebration and 2 weeks of collecting pledges, the total amount was announced on Sunday. The total amount pledged was $1,512,000! Very cool! So now the planning begins and the details of the construction should be announced at the next congregational meeting in June. If all goes well, the shovel should be in the ground this fall!

  • With the building going forward I'm doing a TON of praying and planning on how we go about ministry here at Woodside... I'm sure this will be very exciting and very challenging over the next few months :-) Looking forward to it!!

  • My wife is awesome!!!! Just wanted to throw that in here :-) And my kids are very cool as well! I'm so blessed with such a wonderful family!


Robin said…
Sounds like an exciting time in your life!
Kevin said…
Yup :)

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