Ontario Government Becoming Anti-Church?

I just received my application for my license to perform marriages returned by the Ontario Registrar Office for the FOURTH TIME! Every time they keep telling me that I need to provide different information then what I already sent them... Each time I've sent exactly what they asked for and each time it comes back with something else... I've called to ask what else they want each time because I would gladly send it... but my calls are never returned...

This is getting pretty ridiculous. I sent my first application in March 2007! That's over a year of back and forth to get this marriage license! I've been chatting with other local pastors who are having the exact same problem.

I know I'm probably suffering from watching to many X-Files episodes so my conspiracy theories are running rampant... but I would not be surprised to see that in the next 10 years local churches will no longer receive licenses to perform marriages. In my conversations with other pastors, they are already recommending to couples that they have their celebration before God and their families in the church, go on their honeymoon, and when they get back to go to city hall and get a government marriage license there.

This is just nuts...


RVG said…
Don't forget that with the license, you could be required to marry anyone - no screening allowed.
Kevin said…
And I think that's the reason why they are not handing them out... saves them from having to deal with the debate that will come from this.

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