Spielberg and Lucas Should Get Their Stories Straight...

I thought this was funny...

Back in July 2007, during an interview at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California, a special video was shown of Steven Spielberg and the cast of the Indiana Jones movie (you can see this video on IndianaJones.com under the Videos section of the site). In this interview, Spielberg says "I promise you. I'm making this picture for you guys and girls. This is all for you. The fans of the series."

But over on this site is a recent interview with George Lucas. In it Lucas says that "no one will be happy" with this movie.

So... what is it? Was this a movie made with the fans in mind or a movie that the creators knew nobody would be happy with?


Robin said…
I think it's a "before" and "after" picture. This is what we intended... BUT this is what we got. OR it's a sign that Spielburg and Lucus probably disagreed on some things and that's why it didn't turn out right in the end.

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