Now I Feel Guitly...

I just finished reading this Blog post from Ed Young Jr. In it he talks about the importance of keeping a clean and organized church facility. He states that "we have a responsibility in the Church to maintain a level of cleanliness".

I couldn't agree more. I want to see every part of our church building to be organized and really sharp... so that when people come in they are not distracted by things that look unprofessional or cluttered.

So why can't I seem to do this in my office???? My office is a DISASTER!!! It really is! In fact, when I visit other churches and sit in their offices I'm totally embarrassed about mine. I wouldn't want any of these pastors to come and sit in my office with me!

I have a ton of excuses about why my office looks this way.

Excuse #1: I'm working on 12 different ministry projects at the same time so all of them have to be spread out around me so I can jump back and forth to them.

Excuse #2: My office is made of odd and end pieces of furniture found from different corners of the church building. My desk is an old metal framed table... my filling cabit is a huge metal monstrousity from the stone ages... my guest chairs are left overs from the youth pastor's office... and my book case was the one that was on sale at Office Depot.

But truth be known... I'm just a sloppy work environment kind of guy. I've always had a very uncleanly work space... even my desk at home looks this way as well.

So... what's the deal??? Why haven't I been able to break that pattern??? I'm feeling quite convicted this afternoon to take a more serious look at this...


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