What a Week!

Whewffff. I'm exhausted. This week was really crazy.

Went camping on Sunday till Tuesday. Rained on and off the entire time. Still, it was fun... just wish it was a tad dryer :-)

Picked up our van that we had repaired. Spent $3100 for a new transmission!!!! And guess what!?!?! Now it's sitting in the driveway and it won't start!!! And in order not to void the warranty I'm going to have to get it towed to the nearest Mr. Transmission garage. I hate cars.

Yesterday I helped my sister and her family move from Toronto to Waterloo. Actually... it was pretty much just my brother in law and myself who loaded up the truck! Thankfully today we had some help to unload it. We're going to have to own dad, Doug, Jenny and Alec BIG TIME for helping out today! I don't think I would have survived a second day of that :-) OK.... I probably would have... but I'd be falling asleep at the pulpit tomorrow morning.

Just putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's sermon... normally I'm finished on Thursday before going for the weekend... but since it was a short week I didn't quite get it to where I wanted it to be yet. I'm looking forward to this. Feels like forever since I've preached at my church.


Veronique said…
Hi Kevin, hope you are doing well. Congradulations on your first wedding :-)

I was wondering if you knew how I could reach Kim? I havent had a chance to get that info from her before she left.

BTW, your daughter is beautiful!

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