Monday Mind Dump... Oh... It's Thursday!

What a time it's been the last couple of weeks. Who would have dreamed that our vacation would have have played out the way it did... I have about a million things floating in my head... here are just a few of them as I wait for my morning coffee to kick in!

  • It was FANTASTIC preaching in Montreal on the 3rd! It was so nice to be back at Westview and seeing so many familiar faces. Definitely felt like coming home!

  • I had a real blast spending the weekend with my buddy Steve and just getting caught up and chilling out.

  • I'm SOOOOO thankful that we decided to stop by and visit Danielle's dad on the way to Montreal. It was nice to see him and spend that time with him getting caught up. It's still so weird thinking that he's gone... his trips to the hospital were just so regular that no one saw this coming...

  • I'm incredibly grateful for the friends who came down to see us at the funeral.

  • I'm very proud of Danielle and her brothers and sisters for the wonderful service that they put together for their dad. I know it wasn't easy. And I'm very grateful for the opportunities that they had just to be together and cry together and support each other and love each other. It was awesome to just sit on the side lines and watch that!

  • Just 3 weeks until we kick off another ministry year. Hmmmm.... just 3 weeks to do about 4 months of work. Should be fun :-) I guess the trick will be to figure out what to work on first...

  • I really would like to redo my office a little... anyone have some spare office furniture lying around??? :-)

  • I've been WAAAYYYYY too slack on my One Year Bible reading. Gotta get back to that on a more consistent basis.

  • Yup! I'm REALLY late getting the newest Small Group Leader Lifter podcast online. Hopefully I'll get to that today!


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