Monday Mind Dump

Monday morning... coffee in hand... reflecting on life, the universe and everything else in between...

  • Still stunned that my blog's number one search engine referrer is "pastor's birthday party".  By leaps and bounds higher then any other way people are finding this blog.  I guess I'll have to update my list of suggested birthday party ideas for pastors... maybe I'll do that later today :-)

  • Had a really nice relaxing visit up at my mom's place this past weekend.  My step-dad turned 60 so we went up for the party.  Great to chill out.  Went snowmobiling!  Gotta get one of those one of these decades!  Also sat out in the hot tub.  Nothing like jumping outside in a bathing suit when it's -34 Celsius!  But man oh man it felt great to just sit in there.

  • While riding the snowmobile I just had some great prayer time with God.  Thanking him for the snow and ice and the opportunity to just be out in the middle of a frozen lake and praising him.  Then I'd hit the gas and get it up to about 120 km an hour!  And I thanked him for the rush and the fun that he gave me!

  • This weekend was another reminder on the importance of taking Sabbath time off.  I mean real time off... not just leaving the church for a day and spending the day "off" doing a thousand chores around the house... but a day of fun, relaxation and connecting with God with the whole family.  I really need to find more ways to make this happen in our lives.

  • I speaking this Sunday at another church on Genesis 15... how we need to be patient in our hope of God.  Should be fun since I'm like the most impatient person on the entire planet!  :-)

  • Stomach flu seems to have come and gone in our family.  Here's hoping everyone is done with that!

  • Probably going to drop out of school this semester... I just have WAY too much going on and not enough hours in the week... I'll have to make up my mind pretty soon so I don't get nailed with the fees...


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