Sticky Church

Just finished reading Sticky Church by Larry Osborne.  In fact I read it in just over 24 hours, I new record :-)  I started it yesterday morning and finished it a few minutes ago.

I loved his presentation of the idea of closing the back door of the church through meaningful relationships with the people in the church.  I'm DEFINTELY a relationship kind of guy and this hit a strong cord with me.  I would, however, be very interested to hear from a more conservative introverted type person to see if it spoke the same way to them...

A lot of what he had to say has really aligned itself with the other reading I've been doing lately... so I wonder what God is trying to tell me :-)

This book was the homework for the discussion time at the next Small Group Network that I'm a part of.  I meet regularly with a group of other small group pastors to discuss ministry in our churches.  This is a great group and has been HUGE for me in getting connected around these parts and for helping me as a newbie pastor!  I'm looking forward to the discussion that I'm sure this book will create.


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