Tuesday Mind Dump

Wow!  A whole week of eating well and working out at the gym...  AND I'M STARVING!!!!!

Actually... it's not so bad :-)  Actually feeling like my energy levels are getting back up to normal... if only I could get to bed at a decent time though.

So here's a quick mind dump of all the craziness that is going on.
  • If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you were not imaging things.  Last weekend I volunteered at a hockey tournament which is organized by really good friends of ours.  Now, for me, that's very weird because I hate hockey... but I love our friends so it was great to be able to kick back and hang out with them all weekend :-)  I think the real shocker was when I asked if anyone knew of an old timers league who would take a guy who can barely skate and let him play on their team because I'd be really interested in trying to play next year.  I think everyone just about hit the floor.  I like to keep people who think they know me well on their toes!

  • Glad Secret Invasion is finally over in the comic books... I was getting a little tired of the whole thing.  They should have ended it two months sooner and with a bigger bang ending.  Does anyone really care if the Wasp is dead???  Looking forward to see what comes out of this Dark Reign storyline...

  • Half way done reading Mark Batterson's Wild Goose Chase.  I'M LOVING THIS BOOK!  Batterson was one of the speakers when we all went to The Sticks conference in November and was probably my favorite speaker.  I'm really connected with this book and would just LOVE to do a six week sermon series on this topic of following the Holy Spirit.  Great stuff!

  • Feeling a tad overwhelmed with all the different things I have on the go here at the church... really need to get a handle on some of this... sometimes it just feels like I'm jumping from one band aid solution to the next... and not much time to think in between.  Thankfully after Sunday things will get back to normal :-)


Jenny Williams said…
Hey Kevin, I work with the Threads team at LifeWay. Mark Batterson partnered with Threads to write his Bible study based on Wild Goose Chase titled Chase the Goose, which releases in May. The study will include new content and DVD sessions with the leader kit. He also wrote the Threads study Chase the Lion, based on his other book In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. You can find Chase the Lion at www.threadsmedia.com/studies. Just thought you might be interested! Thanks.
Kevin said…
Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check into that.

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