Small Group Leader Podcast Revamp!

Yup... it's been MONTHS since the last podcast for the Small Group Leader Lifter... several reason why:
  • We changed our hosting options here at the church and that affected pretty much every single piece of media out there... you may have noticed that all the links to the podcast have been dead...  

  • I've been working BIG TIME on why we do small groups at our church and what is the purpose for that ministry.  This has been a HUGE learning process... both in small group ministry in general and getting to understand the culture of our church better.

  • and I have many other excuses but I won't bore you with those!  :-)

But, now, after doing a lot of praying and thinking on how to continue with the podcast I'm nearly ready to get the podcast back going again.  YAY!

The first change is a new hosting environment.  I've transferred all the past episodes to a new location to be available to listeners.  Also, because I've been getting more and more downloads from people from outside the church, I decided to change the name and address of the site.  So you can now access the podcast at:

The new episode will be available today or tomorrow and will become more regular again. So head over there now! Update your Google Readers and RSS feeds and let's grow in this ministry together!


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