Going to be a GREAT Weekend!

This weekend is just perfect for a geek like myself!  First of all, it's the release of the new Wolverine movie!!!  YAHHHOOO!!!!  I'm so pumped to see this!  From everything that I've been reading and hearing it should be great.

Also, it's the first weekend in May and that 
means FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  My kids and I love this day.  Nothing like getting a couple of free comic books to enjoy together!  Check out the website to find a place near you to get your free books!  This is a great way to encourage your kids to be regular readers.  I love reading... and gotta admit that I've been slacking off on reading with my kids.  This is a great reminder to myself on building reading into the lives of my kids!

Have an awesome time reading and geeking out this weekend!


Chris Whisonant said…
Also, The Hunt for Gollum is released on Sunday!! Should make the weekend better too! :)
Kevin said…
THAT LOOKS AWESOME! Thanks Chris! I haven't heard of that.
John Lewis said…
A friend of mine told me last night that when you speak on Wolverine at a Sunday Celebration, he's COMING!
Kevin said…
I'll see what I can do John :)

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