I Stand Amazed

God really does amaze me!

No really. He does. Each and every day! Why? Because everything that goes on around me is just flat out amazing! I'm amazed by how awesome everything in creation is. I'm amazed at the incredible love and grace that was shown to the entire world at the cross.

And I'm just amazed that God would use me, a complete nobody, to be a part of the work that he is doing in the world. I can't believe that I get to pastor a church. I can't believe I get the opportunity to learn from such wonderful professors at seminary. I can't believe I get to share my heart and what I'm learning with other leaders in the church. Who am I to equip people who've been in church leadership longer then I've even been a Christian??? I truly stand in amazement of all that God is doing around me and in me.

I can't believe we've been at LifeSpring for six months! We're does the time go?!?! I'm standing in total amazement in all that God has done in those six months and I'm SOOOO pumped and excited for the years to come!

Here's one of my favorite songs that really tell how I feel!

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