So Nice to Go Home!

It's kinda weird how important "going home" is. You know... that feeling of going to that special place where your childhood memories are so strong it just gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

For my wife and I, we don't really have that "home" to go to. We both moved around growing up. My parents now live in a house and town that I never lived in. Our family is spread out and all in homes and towns that we never lived in. So when we get together it's great... but it just seems to be missing that "going home" feeling.

On Sunday, I finally felt that "going home" feeling again. It was by visiting our church. I didn't tell anyone we were coming. The last few trips to Ottawa/Montreal we were unable to work out a visit and I didn't want to risk having to cancel and then telling people why we weren't coming.

Sitting in Westview Bible Church again just brought out so many wonderful memories! This is the place that we started attending after I come to faith in Christ through an Internet ministry. This was the place where Danielle came to Christ through the Alpha ministry. This is the place that both of us were baptized. This is the place where we were nurtured and cared for as new believers and encouraged and pushed to try new things. This is where I really fired up my passion to see men become all they could be in their families. This is where we dedicated our daughter Samantha. This is where Danielle and I renewed our wedding vows as Christians. This is where I preached my very first sermon (I remember it well - it was terrible!). This is where we served as leaders for the first time. This is where we learned that God could do so much more in our lives if we would just be fully devoted to his plan!

Sitting there seeing old friends, people who cared for our family, who poured so much into us and our kids was just awesome! Every handshake, every hug, every smile was just so warming and pumped me up!

I may not have a childhood home to go back to... but I have a wonderful spiritual home to visit! I'm so grateful to the pastors and leaders at Westview for all their prayers, encouragement and friendship over the years! I wouldn't be the man I am today without each and every one of them!


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