Love Praying in my Chair!

I'm sitting in my favorite chair, admiring my Christmas tree, enjoying an herbal tea, and ignoring my sermon notes on the floor. I'm doing the most important work I can think of instead - praying!

I'm so thankful that I can sit in this chair and just relax and pray! It's such a joy for me to pray for friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers! This year my prayer life has been a little more up and down then I would like... but it has gotten much more specific in how I pray for people. God has really been doing a number on my heart. I go from feelings of incredible joy to deep sorrow as I pray for specific needs.

Just today I spent time in this chair praying for old friends, new friends and people I have never met. Life is just happening all around me. Blessings, joys, laughs, sadness, hurts, lost. God knows all this and wants us to be coming to him with this.

If ever you want someone to pray for you I consider it an honor and a privilege to do so. Just send me a quick note and I'll be praying for you! Praise or request. Big or little. God wants us to pray about it all!

I'm a firm believer that prayer is the most important thing I do as a Pastor! I just love praying for everyone at LifeSpring. Even if God were to grow the congregation to 2000, I would be praying for every single person there!


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