Six Things... Actually Seven #1

This morning in my One Year Bible reading I was really hit with the reminder in Proverbs 6:16-19 on the six things, no, wait... seven things that God hates. This was VERY powerful in my heart this morning... so, for for the next six days... no, seven days, I want to blog about each of the six, I mean seven, things.

#1 Haughty Eyes

The proverb starts with saying that God hates and even detests haughty eyes. Now, I admit... I had to look the word "haughty" up in the dictionary. Here's what it said: disdainfully proud; snobbish; scornfully arrogant; supercilious. Ouch!

This is a powerful reminder of how God wants us to treat everyone! We all can quote how God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son... we love the idea the God loves us... but do we love the idea that God has called us to love everyone??? Even the people we don't like???

So, this morning I'm praying for my eyes... and the eyes of everyone in my church! Do I have haughty eyes? Do I allow myself to look at people with disdain? Do I allow myself to be scornfully arrogant? Do my eyes look contemptuous?

Or do my eyes reflect the love and grace of a awesome heavenly Father who loves everyone? When people see my eyes do they see the eyes of Jesus?

My prayer for today:
Lord, don't allow me to live with haughty eyes! It's better to enter the kingdom of heaven blind then with two good eyes that cause me to sin! Help me Lord to look at people and situations the way you do, with love and grace! And I pray for our church that we would be a people with eyes that reflect you and who you are!

How are your eyes today?


Good work look forward to reading your blog for the next 6 no 7 is a good quote from from Nancy Ortberg.

"Leadership IS stinking hard, and once you know that and can remind yourself of it every time, you can move much more quickly past the surprise of it and get on with the work of leading."

So the call is watch your eyes and lead with genuine love...Love ya Bro
Kevin said…
Thanks Joel!

The little bit of Scripture really jumped out at me today!

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