Thoughts on a GREAT Weekend!

This weekend was just awesome! Really was! I'm kicking off this week just pumped up and thanking God for all I was blessed with over the course of the past few days. Here's just some of the thoughts on this weekend.
  • My parents came to visit so my step-dad could help rebuild my laundry room. I love doing reno work... but I'm not all that good at it. So it's great to have help from my step-dad with this stuff! We had quite the weekend redoing the plumbing and the electrical work for the washer and dryer. I learned a ton and feeling like I'm ready for any leaky pipes in the future :) It looks SOOO much better already and I can't wait to do more laundry.

  • It was just so nice having dinner with family every night this weekend (Fri and Sat with my parents, and Sun with Danielle's sister). I'm so grateful for the family that God has blessed me with!

  • This Sunday we had a family service at Greenbelt. It was great to have the kids join us for the sermon part of the service. I looked at Moses and the veil that he wore to cover his glowing face and compare that to how, sometimes as Christians, we put on masks to try to look like the rest of the world. It was great to get feedback from both kids, teens and adults on how God really touched them during that sermon!

  • I just love my wife and kids so much. We had a blast (even though it was FREEZING!) last night. My kids were both dressed like Avatars and looked great!

  • I'm just so thankful for the people that we've been connecting with here in our new home. I'm feeling so blessed to be here and part of what God is doing in this part of Canada.

  • This Sunday I'm kicking off a new series on mentoring. I'm taken the talks that I did a few years ago at a men's retreat and reworking them for our church. Praying that God will work in a big way through it.

  • Kicked off MOVEMBER! I'm growing a moustache to raise awareness and support for men's cancer. This is new for me and feeling great about being a part of this.
Today I'm praying that God will just do great things all around me.


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