YouVersion Live


I've been using YouVersion as one of my primary ways to read and study the Bible since October 2007. I use it to search for texts when prepping sermons. I use it for my daily Bible reading plan. I use it on my Blackberry so that I always have a Bible with me.

And now I'm playing around with YouVersion Live to see how we can integrate that to our Sunday morning services.

Why? Because I want to encourage people to get into reading the Bible for themselves and not just listening to me reading it to them every Sunday :)

I love how with YouVersion Live we can create Events and have people point there with their smart phones for seeing the key Bible passages, polls, prayer requests forms and whatever else we can think of to tie in to the weekend service.

In order to play around with this I've created an event for this coming Sunday. You can access it here. Have a look at it and let me know what you think.


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