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Leader Lifter Episode 8: The No Complaining Rule

In this episode of the Leader Lifter we discuss how we can deal with discouragement in leadership without giving in to complaining.

You can find Larry Osborne's book Lead Like a Shepherd here:

Questions for Discussion

How have you been discouraged in your area of leadership in the past?Have you ever complained about it? Privately or publicly?What areas would it be helpful for you to implement a No Complaining Rule?

How Do You Neighbour?

Are you looking forward to the summer? I know I am!
I love summer. I'm not normally a big outdoors kind of guy, but there's just something so great about sitting outside in my yard, enjoying a BBQ with family and friends. I've come to notice something interesting those in that enjoyment... all winter I'm hiding away in my home... and then come summer I'm hiding away in my back yard.
This week I started reading a book on vegetable gardening. Surprisingly this book taught me something very important that ties into our new sermon series, How to Neighbour. The book actually suggests to move our vegetable gardens from our backyards to the front. The reason: to get back into our communities and talk to our neighbours.
I just loved that simple idea. Instead of hiding in my backyard all summer, I'm not praying that God would give me opportunities to meet and connect more with my neighbourhood. And he has already started answering those prayers as I've been buildin…

What a Difference 25 Years Makes...

Have you ever stopped to think just how much the world has changed in the last 25 years? I was recently reflecting on just this very thing… I was remembering “the olden days” of when I had internet service hooked up into my first apartment.

As a computer geek I was over the moon with the idea that I was going to connect to the internet super highway from my little single room apartment. Most people still really didn’t have any clue what the internet was. I was going to be able to access unlimited data at SUPER SPEED… I could finally download an entire song in just over an hour! I could download transcripts from experts and leaders from around the world. A 30 page document would take about 10-15 minutes to have it on my screen.

Today, that’s almost laughable! Now, just 25 years later, we live in a time when the entire world is available to us at the touch of screen that we keep in our back pocket. Now, I have access to literally every single song ever composed… and it takes millisecon…