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May Referrers

Way back when I used to write my blog using Lotus Notes, I would regularly post how people stumbled their way onto this site. I always enjoyed looking at those lists and seeing the weird searches that brought people to my little part of the cyber world...

I just recently started tracking referrers on this Blog using eXTReMe Tracking. It's a pretty neat tool and provides some great statistics on how my site is doing.

So now I can start looking at how people found me again :) Here's the list for the past 3 weeks.
presseault: Yup. That's me. Surprisingly I came up as the number 2 spot on Google with that search. John Presseault comes up first... and that's my dad! Ok... now I gotta figure out how to beat him on that list :)
pastor kevin shepherd: Not quite... it's pastor Kevin Presseault :) Actually I still find it VERY weird when people call me Pastor Kevin... or Pastor Presseault... that just has too many Ps in it. Kevin will do just fine :)
ebible repair: I didn't r…

Almost Forgot to Give A Seminary Update

Last week I received my final grade for my first course at Heritage College and Seminary.

I was very pleased with my grade of 82%, which gives me a "B" for the course! Being my first crack at school after 15 years I'm dancing a jig that I was able to keep up with all the work and readings.

For my next course, I'll be taking a one week intensive in August called "The Prison Epistles". Turns out it's the same teacher as the course I just finished. I liked him a lot so I'm looking forward to this one.

Transformers Looks AWESOME!

On Friday I brought my kids to go see Shrek the Third. Pretty disappointing movie... it had a few laughs but nothing memorable like the first two. See it on cheap Tuesday... or wait for the DVD.

My favorite part of the entire movie was the trailer for TRANFORMERS! I was just blown away at how incredible they made the robots! Man, I'm still geeking out over this one. I'm so going to be there on opening day to check out this movie.
If you haven't seen the newest trailer yet then head on over to the Yahoo! Transformers page. Be sure to watch the High Definition trailer. It's well worth the download!

My Summer Reading List

Since I live short walk away from the church and no longer have a commute to work, I've really slacked off on my reading. I used to read a book a week... now I'm lucky to get a book a month finished.

This summer I want to REALLY get caught up on my reading. I have a pile of books on my desk that I'm hoping to dwindle down as much as possible over the next few months.

Here's the list:
She Calls Me Daddy by Robert WolgemuthThe Connecting Church by Randy FrazeeMaking Small Groups Work by Henry Cloud & John TownsendI, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah by Ravi ZachariasThey Like Jesus But Not the Church by Dan KimballMe, Myself, & Bob by Phil VischerEverybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them by John OrtbergGrace Based Parenting by Tim KimmelThe Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter ScazzeroPermission Evangelism by Michael L. SimpsonA Passionate Life by Mike Breen and Walt KallestadThe Search to Belong by Joseph R. MyersThe Church of Irresistible Influence by Robert LewisTh…

The Power of Prayer

Last summer I experienced probably the COOLEST event since I became of follower of Jesus... I got to witness up close and personal the full power of praying for someone who doesn't believe in God or Jesus. This is one of those stories that really should never be forgotten so I'm blogging about it just as much as for a reminder to myself as for anyone else reading.

Way back in my college days, I was studying Pure and Applied Sciences at John Abbott College. I wasn't doing too well in school. I was much more focused on partying and socializing then studying! I shared a locker with two of my closest friends and we were living it up with partying and skipping class and shooting pool.

At the locker next to ours was a very sweet and very pretty girl named Susie. Now, being that I was quite dorky back then (yes... and probably still am today!) I was not all that accustomed to having pretty girls being nice to me :) She was always incredibly friendly and kind and always took the tim…

Resistance is Futile

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

I'm not a big Star Trek fan but I LOVE the Borg. The idea of a race so technologically advanced that they go around the universe assimilating other worlds into their race is very cool. Nothing can stop them. This notion of assimilating hit me the other night as I was thinking about part of my role here at the church.

My official title here at Woodside is "Pastor Integration & Discipleship". As the title implies, I have three parts to my job. The first is being an associate pastor. That part is easy... I just do the things that the senior pastor asks me to do :) Another part is Discipleship. I'm responsible for the different ministries which have to do with adult discipleship, like Small Groups, Men's Ministry, and stuff like that. This is area is really up…

A Bad 90's Flash Back Day on iTunes

Not sure what came over me... maybe it was Wayne's wonderful rendition of "You Can't Touch This". Or maybe it was just a random act of temporary insanity... but yesterday afternoon I was hit with a strong desire to find some of my old tapes from the 80s and 90s. For you younger readers, I'm not talking about the sticky stuff you use to wrap a present. Tapes were what we used to listen to music before CDs and MP3s came out :)

Seeing as how I was at the church without quick access to my old tape collection, I hit iTunes to see what I could find. To my shock (because iTunes Canada has such a poor selection of songs compared to the US version) I found one of my old favorites, Vanilla Ice. Yes, I admit it. In fact, I even saw the guy in concert. So, since it's only $0.99 I had to grab Ice Ice Baby for old times sake. Oh, and for another $0.99 there's the Ninja Rap from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 movie.

Thankfully I was able to regain my senses and stop at…

You See Some Crazy Things on an 18 Hour Car Drive

Last Friday I drove from Murfreesboro, TN to Toronto, Ontario. Along the way I was entertained with some very interesting billboards and signs. One of my favorite was a large sign saying "Used Cows For Sale". I don't even want to guess what a used cow is... Since we're in the beginnings of discussing an addition to our church, I also really enjoyed checking out church buildings.

Just North of Cincinnati we saw this.

This will definitely be going on my list of what NOT to build in our church expantion project! :)

Attensa for Outlook

I just finished setting up the RSS Reader Attensa for Outlook.

I've actually been reading all my blogs the old fashion way (by visiting each of the web sites) since I left my computer consulting job and had to give back the laptop. I've been meaning to setup an RSS reader but just never got around to it till now.

So far it looks pretty cool. Once I get playing around with it more I'll post some thoughts about it.

I knew I was Boy-Band material.

Ever wanted to know which celebrity you looked? Now you can find out. Check out this link.

I was quite surprised to see Justin Timberlake and Russel Crowe show up on mine. Ray Romano is not a surprise at all :)

Nashville Bound

This afternoon I'm flying out to Nashville, TN. I'll be driving to Toronto just before noon to go and get my flight.

My sister and her family are moving back to Canada. So I'm flying down so that I can drive back with her and my niece on Friday. Seeing as how she's quite pregnant she didn't want to do the drive alone. Her husband is staying behind to finish off selling the house.

I'm really looking forward to having them closer by. It's been over 10 years since my sisters and I have all lived in the same area.

The One

No... this isn't a post about Neo or the Matrix :)

Last night in our Small Group we were discussing Jesus as The Shepherd. This was the third session in the study Beginning in Christ Together by LifeTogether.

One of the questions addressed Jesus' heart for the lost sheep in the world. That brought up the story of how the good shepherd will go out into the wilderness and look for the one sheep who is lost and leave the other 99 safely behind. I think most of us (well, those of us who are Christians) can relate to this story. We've all been that one lost sheep. Now, we've been found and we can praise God for that!

Last night really got me thinking. The heart of Jesus is a deep longing for The One, that lost and missing sheep. In fact, in Matthew 18:13 it says that the shepherd is happier when The One found then the other ninety-nine safely at home! Now, if I want my heart to have the same desire as Jesus', then what's my view of The One?? Do I search for t…

My First Bad Ebay Experience

I love Ebay. I've been using it for years for pretty much all of my hobby and collecting needs. From Warhammer, to Star Wars Figures, to comic books, to LEGO, I've always had a nothing but great experiences with all of my purchases. Great service, great prices. I guess that's why this first bad experience is such a bummer.

I had won the bidding on the Wii game Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I love that game and was really looking forward to getting it. The bonus was it was listed as sealed and new, it was in Canada (so no cross border fees), shipping was only $3 and I won it for $25! Not bad considering the game goes for $59.99 in the stores.

On Friday I received the game... and low and behold... it was not new... but used. VERY used. In fact, it was so used that it is really badly scratched up and could not be read by my Wii. I tried my scratch repair kit which made no difference. So I've sent several emails to the seller to see about fixing the situation... none …

Free Comic Book Day

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. This is an annual event where a large number of comic publishers put out a special issue which is given out for FREE in order to help encourage new readers.
I headed out to our local shop, Carry-On-Comics in Kitchener, with my two kids and a friend with his two boys bright and early. Since I've never been to one of these events before we wanted to make sure we didn't miss it. We had a great time.
Carry-On-Comics had a great set up. They were giving out 2 comics of your choice (from about 40 to chose from! That was tough!) They also had a sample figure from the games Heroclix and Star War Miniatures. The kids each took a Batman Heroclix figure and a comic.
After that we headed over to Toronto. We were going there to visit my sister. Since she's has a comic store just up the road from where she lives, I figured we should check it out :) The store, Red Nails, didn't really have anything noticeable that they were doing Free Comic Book Day…

Quiet! Be Still!

Just finished writting my next article for the local paper. Here is the unedited version.

Quiet! Be Still!
By Kevin Presseault, Pastor Integration and Discipleship, Woodside Bible Fellowship

Ah spring. The sun is shinning. The grass is turning green. The flowers are starting to bloom. The kids are running around the park. I just love this time of year!

The garden needs planting. The grass needs seeding. The basement needs finishing. The garage needs organizing. The car needs tuning. The kids need soccer shoes. The bike tires need inflating. The windows need washing. The winter clothes need packing. The carpets need cleaning. Final papers at school need to be written. I hate this time of year!

If your life is anything like mine, the warmer temperature seems to bring along with it an incredibly hectic and busy schedule. Work seems to get busier. Family life has a lot more activities. Everything needs to be done around the house. There just seems to be over a hundred things on my to-do list …

For You Marvel Movie Fans

I thought this was great! Thanks Dave for sending it my way.