Did Two Interviews This Week

In the last 5 days I have been interviewed by two different writters in order to get my opinion for their articles. I actually find this pretty funny since I'm always surprised that anyone would even care what I think :) It's not like I'm anyone of importance or influence. I'm just a simple guy into God, his family and all things geeky...

Anyways, both interviews were quite fun and I'm actually pretty excited (and nervous) about how I get quoted in the articles. The first interview was with Manda from Saddleback Church. She is working on an article to promote Pastor Rick Warren's new podcast for pastors. I've posted responses to the podcast on the blog on how much this podcast has helped me in my own ministry so they wanted to share that with other pastors. I really enjoyed my chat with her and I was very happy to help out with promoting this wonderful resource to pastors.

The other one was with the local newspaper here in Elmira. They are doing an article on Harry Potter and wanted to chat with someone to get the "Christian perspective" on the Harry Potter books. Again, quite a fun conversation... but I'm pretty sure my responses are going to get me in hot water with some of the more hard core Christians in the community. To be honest, I have no problem at all with older kids reading Harry Potter or seeing the movies. I don't read it to my kids because they're both still too young for that sort of story. Just like I don't read them the Narnia books either... I haven't read any of the books (I would like to but my reading list is too big as it is!) but I have seen the movies and enjoy them a lot. I told him that I think that Christians can take very different views on this topic. Some would not let their kids anywhere near the books because they deal with witchcraft and magic. Others, myself include, would rather have an open and honest discussion with my kids and other people on the issues presenting in the books. When it comes to people who do not know anything about God's love for them, on the topic of Harry Potter I could either been seen as an intolerant, closed minded person or I could be seen as a friendly neighbour who shows love and kindness through open discussion and dialogue with those around me. For me, the choice is pretty simple :)

I'll be sure to let everyone know how much trouble I get in with that Harry Potter article :) Oh, and speaking of that, if anyone out there has finished the last book already send me an email and let me know if Harry dies at the end... I'm curious to know the ending without having to read the whole book :)


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