Brain Dump

My brain hurts today...
  • Where do I begin??? I have so much work to get down in so many different areas of ministry that it's hard to even figure out what to tackle first. Adult Sunday School, Welcome Team, Small Groups, Alpha, Women's Ministry, Men's Ministry, and other regular day to day stuff need my input and time... I'm working in a "what's-due-today" mode... I can't think further then tonight... and that drives me a little nuts since I still have so many big picture things to get organized.
  • I dropped one of my classes; Hermeneutics. 25% of my grade is actually due the very first week of the course. I needed to learn the entire Greek alphabet. I had to be able to recite it, recognize all the characters and sound them out. With the kick-off of the ministry year happening this week as well there was NO WAY I was going to be able to get this done. So I'll take this course next September and actually learn the Greek stuff next summer and have it memorized before school even starts.
  • I haven't been sleeping well at all for days. Last night I only got about 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  • I've been praying a lot for the family of the funeral I did last week... I pray God is offering comfort during their mourning...
  • In my Biblical Introduction course I'll be reading the entire Bible in 10 weeks. Cool. There's a good kick in the pants to get reading it every day :)
  • I need to find a really kick-butt, loud, praise and worship concert somewhere soon around here... Our worship pastor is planning one around the end of September but would love to go to one this weekend!
  • My basement is finished!!!! All the furniture is in place and my surround sound is all hooked up! Now I just wish I had time to watch a movie :)
  • Kids grow up way to fast! My baby girl starts junior kindergarten this Thursday... and she wants to take the school bus on her first day. I hope I can keep it together.
  • I'm remembering the work colleagues from Aon who lost their lives six years ago today in the World Trade Center... I can't believe the US hasn't completely shut down Bin Laden yet...
  • Debating whether I should hang this REALLY COOL Marvel Super-Heroes poster up in my office... a friend got it for me and it would look great... but is the congregation ready for that part of me yet... :)


Robin said…
Hey, they may as well get to know the REAL you!
Kevin said…
I don't know if ANYBODY would be completely ready for that :)

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