I Should be Doing Homework But...

... I just don't feel like it...

It's only 8:30pm but everyone in the house is already sound asleep... maybe I should do some laundry... or some cleaning... or go online and pay the bills... NAW! I'd like to watch the Jays game... but that means they'd lose :) Nothing else on TV but Beauty and the Geek and if I waste a single minute on that show you all have permission to beat me senseless!

Guess I'll get the books out and read a few chapters for school... but first, here's a brain dump before getting to it.
  • I'm really glad to be back in school. This "Biblical Introduction" course is great. Every church should teach this stuff to all of their congregations!
  • My arms and chest are slowly starting to stiffen up. I started a new exercise program using my brother-in-law's bowflex which we set up in our garage. What a great workout! I'm sure the arms will be sore tomorrow.
  • Our entire staff will be reading the book Simple Church as our staff development this fall. Hope they love it as much as I did.
  • I have the greatest family in the whole wide world. I don't know of too many wives who would pick up and change their entire lives so that they're crazy husband could follow his heart to become a pastor. And my wife did it with a huge amount of support and love! Danielle rocks! I'm the most blessed guy on the planet to have her as my wife.
  • My kids are getting too smart. They are finding all my week points and using them against me when we wrestle... and they've started to work as a team... getting harder for me to win. No more mister nice dad next time :)
  • Not looking forward to the snow. I really should find a winter hobby to help me start to appreciate the winter season more.
  • Our church is having a praise and worship night this Saturday. I can't wait! I've been wanting to go to one of these for months and just haven't found the time.
  • Tomorrow night we start The Alpha Course at our church. We have a good number of people registered. I'm really looking forward to this course. I just love meeting new people with completely different view points then my own.
  • The Transformers movie is coming out in IMAX!!! I GOTTA GO SEE THAT! Anyone want to join me?
  • I'm preaching again in November... not sure what to do it on... too many ideas...

Well I've rambled on long enough... time to hit the books... or maybe the Wii...


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