Pastor Birthday Party

OK... for some odd reason I get over 10 search engine referrers a week on "Pastor Birthday Party". So... since so many of you are finding this site looking for information on having a birthday party for your Pastor let me give you a top ten list to consider when organizing the party. This list is really just my opinions and not in a particular order so keep that in mind... I'm no expert, but this is the kind of party I would want to go to :)

  1. Don't have it on a Saturday night. If your pastor needs to preach on Sunday then Saturday could be a bad choice for a birthday party.
  2. Don't have it in the church banquet hall! He works there all week. Get him out the church building!
  3. Don't let anyone talk to him about ANYTHING ministry related! No comments about his last sermon. No ministry ideas. Nothing. As soon as you do that the pastor's mind switches back into "work mode" and makes it harder to simply relax and enjoy his party. If necessary have two men as body guards to prevent congregation members from talking shop :)
  4. Don't make him say grace for the meal. Everyone should have learned how to pray by now and the pastor's prayer has no more of a direct line to God then anyone else.
  5. If the pastor has young kids make it a family friendly party. Pastors are pulled between ministry and family commitments so don't add to that burden.
  6. Instead of having an open microphone with people sharing what they love about their pastor, have them write it on paper and put it together in a really nice scrapbook. This makes a great memory to keep and saves long speeches from people with good intentions but bad communication skills...
  7. No sing songs around the piano.... unless of course he likes that kind of stuff :)
  8. Don't go crazy on the food. It's amazing all the unhealthy desserts that are at every single church event. Throw some healthy choices in there as well to help the pastor make it to his next birthday.
  9. Don't get him a book as a birthday present. He is probably already way behind on all the books that he needs to read and a new book will be a reminder of this.
  10. Do some kind of a party theme that is unique to him. If he is married, get ideas from his wife. If he has a favorite sports team, hobby or movie build the party around this theme! This would be a fun and different way to celebrate his special day and really show more thought and planning.

So that's my list... hopefully this will help you out with planning a great day for your pastor.


Robin said…
We roasted my pastor when he turned 50. It was great.

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