September Referers

Lots of interesting search results which are bringing people to my blog. Here are some of the highlights for the months of September.
  • Woodside Church Elmira Ontario: Got TONS of those this month. Guess I should put a link to the church's actual website on my blog so people can find that more easily. Here it is:
  • "how do I get booked as a pastor": Good question... I'm still trying to figure out how it happened to me :)
  • novels about pastors: My favorite is "They Call Me Pastor: How to Love the Ones You Lead" by H.B. London Jr.
  • I am thinking of pulling my son from french immersion: DON'T DO IT! Having a second language is a wonderful opportunity in life. I'm so glad my parents did it for me!
  • And it starts with me: You're right... it does!
  • Courses I need to be a pastor: You need courses??? :)
  • newbie pastor: Yup. That's me.
  • Pastor birthday party ideas: Still getting tons of hits on that one. Make sure you check out my post on it here.
  • kevin presseault: Yup. That's me. Getting lots of search results for that... hopefully some bounty hunters aren't trying to find me :)
  • transformers sermon: Would love to do one!
  • pastor's favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back! Oh wait... that's probably just me.
  • star wars game for Wii: CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!
  • rick and robin warren: Not here... check Saddleback Church's website.
  • are bodyguards right for pastors?: I guess that depends on the pastor...
  • be still quiet the busy life: Wouldn't that be nice!
  • idea for auctioning the pastor: Now that's a interesting way to get a new pastor...
  • opinion "experiencing Christ together": I think it's a great small group study!
  • single pastor finding a wife: Good luck with that! My prayers are with you!
  • tomorrow is the last day working at my company: I remember that day well. Hard to believe it was a year ago.
  • amy reinhold: super nice lady I met at Saddleback's small group conference.

Traffic hits on the site is way up. Looking forward to seeing what October will bring.


Hey Kevin ... Referals are funny aren't they? People are looking for some weird stuff in this world. Sometimes I wonder how people searching for "strange things" can get to my site. Who knows maybe it's God sending them my way.

I like the "Single Pastor finding a wife..." funny

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