Free Music

A while back I stumbled onto a website called which, as the address would suggest, offers FREE contemporary Christian music to download. They highlight Christian artists and offer different songs and videos free for downloading. I've really been enjoying this music and getting to know some different new artists this way.

They also have contest from time to time... and I actually just won one of them! I just received in the mail yesterday two albums from Todd Agnew and a t-shirt. VERY COOL! I'm a BIG fan of his music. His music is great and a bunch of his songs really have that message of it's time for us to stop playing church and allow Jesus to bring love and joy into the world through us. I could listen to that message every day! The t-shirt is the same one that Todd wears on the cover of the album Better Questions (which is the picture on this post). One day I'd like to do a sermon or two on the balance between a place that draws people here and sends people out of here... and that shirt would fit in nicely with that message :-)


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