Monday Madness!

Monday is usually one of my busiest days of the week. I usually have a number of voice mails and emails sent over the weekend... and I never get through all of them on Sunday since I'm busy with other responsibilities during the services...

This Monday, since I'm starting the new men's study on Man in the Mirror tonight, was surprisingly a lot quieter then I was expecting. Sure... I'm still plugging away on my laptop, trying to finish putting my notes together for tonight while my AWESOME wife is setting the kitchen table for supper... and sure I still have a bunch of notes and the discussion questions written all over different post-it notes and scrap pieces of paper... but thankfully I'm trusting God big time on this one to put it all together :-)

Here's a bit of a mind dump before supper:
  • We did a HUGE purge of junk in our garage and storage areas in the house this weekend. You can actually now walk through these areas without stepping and climbing over boxes!
  • Last Friday my wife and I had a wonderful date day. We had a great breakfast, went to an indoor golf driving range to knock some balls around, and just had a fun day together. Gotta get back into that every second Friday!
  • I'm a tad behind on my reading of the One Year Bible. Gotta get caught up on that! My wife is completely up to date on hers and we're supposed to be doing this together!
  • Our worship pastor is a genius! Just thought I'd throw that in there :-)
  • Sometimes I really don't understand why God called me to this place... there are SOOO many gifted and talented people at our church that they don't need me :-) Thankfully God's plans are clear to him so I'm just trusting him on all of this!
  • Dan's message this weekend was AWESOME!!! Head over to our website to download it! He's preaching on 1 John and it's just been great.
Time to go eat...


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