Hulk vs Wolverine ROCKS!

Picked up the new Marvel Animation DVD "HULK Vs".  Watched the first disk "HULK vs Wolverine" during lunch...  and man oh man was it ever awesome!!!

First off, I just gotta say how much I love these Marvel animated movies!  All of them, even the Young Avengers, have just been great so far!  I love cartoons... and I do find there is something missing with all animated movies going the digital/computer format... I find this more traditional approach to animation really brings the comic book to life!

Now... Hulk vs Wolverine is short.... I mean REALLY short... only 37 minutes.  But it's 37 minutes of non-stop Hulk-Smashing, Wolverine-Slashing action!  Love it!  They touch on a huge amount of Wolverine's origin... some of which looks quite similar to the new Wolverine movie coming out.

This DVD is definitely worth it for the geek out factor!  In fact, I can't wait to watch disk 2 and see the green guy take on Thor!


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