I'm NO Writer!

Wow! I'm really being stretched and challenged this week. I do love that... but this one is REALLY highlighting one of my biggest weaknesses.

And that weakness is the fact that I'm a terrible writer!

I'm currently working on a paper for my seminary class on Biblical Interpretation... Researching and writing papers is probably the hardest way for me to learn. My brain doesn't process information that way... I've always done the poorest in classes that require a lot of reading and writing. I like to think it's because I'm bilingual - which means I'm bad at writing in both French and English :-)

I am definitely a learn by doing kind of guy. I learn by playing with things, taking them apart and putting them into practice in my life. I learn by trying and making mistakes. I learn by being dropped into the fire or the lion's pit and then getting out of it. Sitting in front of Microsoft Word with a stack of books on my desk and wrestling with the English language and footnote styles and proper grammar... man oh man this is like a slow and painful torture.

And the sad fact is... I'm just working on a THREE PAGE PAPER! I haven't even begun to think about the TWENTY-FIVE PAGE PAPER that's due at the end of August.

I'm hoping Jesus comes back before that paper is due! Maybe he'll give me an extension :-)


Catherine said…
Kevin, you are being too hard on yourself. You are great at writing, that's why we read your stuff. You just have to translate that into your paper. Just start it and see where you end up. Enlist Danielle for editing (or I am available ;). I have found that over these past 3 years reading Sarah's papers I have learned so much and she has appreciated having the input from someone who doesn't know anything about what she is writing about.

And by the way, I still have too many friends and family who don't know Jesus yet, so I am hoping He isn't coming before August, so you may be stuck with writing the 25 pages. ;)

love ya,

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