Love is Here

This morning I was sitting in my favorite chair, reading my Bible and praying to God and just struck by all the wonderful love that I have in my life.

I'm loved by an awesome and holy and just and powerful and all-knowing God. He loves me so much that he would come to this earth and pay the ultimate price to bring me back to him. That is so mind blowing!!

I'm loved by an wonderful and fun and caring and godly wife. I still wake up in the morning in shock and awe that such a great woman would be married to me!

I'm loved by two great kids! They're caring and thoughtful and funny as can be and bring such joy to my life.

I'm loved by great family members. I'm loved by great friends.

Sometimes when I'm struggling and stressing out over leading a church and a family it's easy to forget about all this love and only focus on the stresses of life. But love is here! It's all around me ALL THE TIME!

This song was playing in the background during my prayer time and just pumped me up to hit this day running. Hope it does the same for you!

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