Yesterday was Danielle and my 8th wedding anniversary. I'm just amazed at how fast that has gone. This summer it will be 10 years that we've been together. I gotta say, I'm married to the most amazing woman in the world! Who else would let her fiancee put Star Wars figures of Han and Leia on the wedding cake? Who else would let her crazy husband quit his job and become a pastor? I'm so blessed with such an incredible friend and partner!

Tonight to celebrate, we'll be heading to Toronto for dinner and some theater. We'll be seeing The Phantom of the Opera. It's one of Danielle's favorites and I've never gone to it so we're both excited about seeing it. I'll try to post a review tomorrow.


Chris Whisonant said…
Congrats!! We'll be celebrating our 7th this August and we've been together since 97.

Enjoy the Phantom! I saw it when it came through Charlotte back in '96. It's a great show!
Lukas said…
Félicitation big man
Anonymous said…
I hope you guys have a great time.
Happy aniversary from the 4 of us.

I really happy to hear that things are turning out good for you guys.

Patrick juneau

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