A Bad 90's Flash Back Day on iTunes

Not sure what came over me... maybe it was Wayne's wonderful rendition of "You Can't Touch This". Or maybe it was just a random act of temporary insanity... but yesterday afternoon I was hit with a strong desire to find some of my old tapes from the 80s and 90s. For you younger readers, I'm not talking about the sticky stuff you use to wrap a present. Tapes were what we used to listen to music before CDs and MP3s came out :)

Seeing as how I was at the church without quick access to my old tape collection, I hit iTunes to see what I could find. To my shock (because iTunes Canada has such a poor selection of songs compared to the US version) I found one of my old favorites, Vanilla Ice. Yes, I admit it. In fact, I even saw the guy in concert. So, since it's only $0.99 I had to grab Ice Ice Baby for old times sake. Oh, and for another $0.99 there's the Ninja Rap from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 movie.

Thankfully I was able to regain my senses and stop at only 2 songs! "Yo! Let's Kick it!"

I'm sure everyone out there has a song or two that you'd be embarrassed if someone got a hold of your iPod. Fess up. Confession is good for the soul :)


Spanky said…
Gloria Gaynor...I Will Survive

Chris Whisonant said…
"Yeah boiiiiiiee!"

I think I have some DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince on mine... :)

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