Clone Wars TV Series Preview!

We've been hearing rumours of a Stars Wars TV Series since Revenge of the Sith came out... and now there is finally a preview available of the first of two new shows!

Check out this link to view a short preview of the the animated Clone Wars series. The style of very similar to the animated cartoons which were shown on the Cartoon Network. Personally, I quite liked the look of those shorts and am glad to see that carry over to this new series.

Now, if we could only get some more news on the live action series!!


Chris Whisonant said…
Sweet!! I have this set already, though... :) The preview of this new one is slick!
Kevin said…
I have those DVDs as well. This new series is supposed to be 30 minute episodes.

Looks cool but not sure how they can make it an interesting series since we already know how the war turns out... and we saw all the Jedi get defeated in the movie...

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