End of Week Brain Dump

This was quite the week for me. Lots going on at the church and here at home. It feels like my head is spinning in a hundred different directions... so here is just a quick brain dump of the stuff I'm thinking of this Thursday evening as I prepare for another weekend.
  • I LOVE serving at Woodside. We have such a great staff there! It really makes my day serving with each and every one of them. I so pumped at what God is going to be doing there over the next few years!
  • I SOOOOO can't wait to get this basement finished. I was doing the last of the drywall sanding this evening (and the dust is stuck in my eyes and ears!). Tomorrow I'll do the last coat of the primer then I think we'll hit the paint store in the afternoon to buy the color we're going to do.
  • The book Simple Church got me really excited and bummed out at the same time. I just love the idea of returning to a simpler ministry of focusing on making disciples. I love the idea of putting together a clear path and process for this to happen. I wouldn't want to be the guy to tell people that their ministries were being shut down in order to make this process happen though... I have pretty thick skin... but not that thick, yet.
  • I wish I could say just one simple prayer and make all the struggles my friends and family go through go away. It sucks to see people you love hurting!
  • My kids rock! During soccer tonight Cameron was just skipping around the field chasing the ball with this HUGE smile on his face. He didn't care that he never got a goal... he just loves having people watching him - I have NO CLUE where he gets that trait from :) And my daughter Sam has the best little giggle in the whole wide world... and she wears a princess crown every we go and she doesn't care if anyone else thinks that silly! She knows she's a princess and proud of it!
  • My wife is the greatest lady in the world! I still can't quite figure out how I managed to convince her to marry me :)
  • Guest speakers at our church freak me out... I'm always paranoid about what they're going to say and worry that the pastors will get stuck with the mess... I guess this is a tad of a faith and trust issue that I should work on.
  • I've been quite irregular on my journalling and personal Bible reading the last few weeks. Gotta get back on that.
  • I'm becoming a Major League Baseball fan at the age of 36. I've never watched a sports game in my life and today I ordered the sports package for the TV. I'm definitely playing too much baseball on the Wii I guess :)
  • I wish I had a bigger TV... That may sound materialistic... but I want to start getting friends to hang out on Fridays to play some Wii together and the bigger TV would make that more fun.
  • I'm looking forward to hearing Gord's sermon on Sunday. He's the chair of our elders and I really enjoy his sermons.
  • I haven't slept well all week... not sure if it's because I have too much on my mind or it being sore from more regular exercise... maybe both. Maybe I need to cut out the coffee again...
  • I SOOOO can't wait to get to Montreal the first week of August and see my buddies. Man I MISS those guys! I still don't have any friends like that here and it's been a big hole in my life.
  • I need to find ways to hang out with more "non-church" people. I miss having those great talks about spiritual things with people with a different view then my own.
  • I wish I had more time to do a podcast... and wish I had an interesting idea to podcast about...

So there's just a few things spinning around in my brain cells... I think I'm going to go grab an herbal tea and watch the Boston vs. Cleveland ball game.


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