June Referers

WOW! I'm suddenly getting a lot more traffic on my blog. Maybe it's because I'm finally keeping it more up to date. Or maybe it's because I actually have something interesting to say... NAW! Couldn't be that! :-)

Here's how people stumbled onto the site this past month.
  • presseault: yup that's me. Or my dad.
  • "singles" "Woodside Bible": That's one of the areas I want to work on this fall. I would love to see a more purpose driven singles ministry here. Whoever Googled this CALL ME! You're going to lead it :-)
  • "Becket Players": The greatest show on earth! So sad that we missed it this year. Check them out here.
  • "free hugs" sermon: I haven't done that... but I would love to. Maybe my next one...
  • crazy passport application: Yup. It can be. Make sure you apply EARLY!
  • willow creek community church randy frazee neighbourhood: Gee... you think a search like that would bring you directly to Willow Creek's website.
  • i didn't get my passport in time: I'm getting TONS of hits on my passport experience.
  • "being an associate pastor": I LOVE IT! Best job in the world!
  • ravi zacharias kitchener: He's coming at Truth Search '08 in June 2008.
  • robert wolgemuth She Calls Me Daddy on DVD: Haven't finished that book yet... need to!
  • bible verses quiet, stillness: My favorite is Psalm 46:10.
  • top 10 pastor blogs: Have I made that list yet??? :-)
  • "ghost rider" bible study: You have know of one let me know! That would be cool!
  • kevin presseault: Yup. That's me.
  • I hate Heritage Bible College on Facebook: Too bad. I love going to Heritage.
  • kevin's blog: You found it.
  • contemplative prayer of "Be still and know that I am god": Check out this video.
  • marvel civil war paperback order: Civil War rocked! That's the reason I'm reading comics again.
  • ebible for ipod: screen is too small on the iPod for reading... must be getting old!
  • transformers looks awesome: I'm hoping to go see it this week!
  • Cleaning up Podcast: Just finished doing the same!
  • wiiiiiii: Hope you like it. I really enjoy playing mine.
  • Be still know that IAM gOD: I'm beginning to see a pattern here...
  • Amy Reinhold: I met her at the Saddleback Small Group conference. Super nice lady!
  • pastor of assimilation: resistance is futile!
  • Grace from Ghost Rider: bring on more Ghost Rider!
  • Clone Wars TV series: I hope this show doesn't stink. Probably will.
  • thank you letter to pastor for meeting with me: That's a nice thing to send.
  • Civil War Trade Reading Order: Enjoy reading it.
  • be still and know that i am God pictures: Gee... someone really wants me to be still!
  • words of encourage to a pastor: Tell him he rocks and that you appreciate what he does!!
  • senior associate name tag: We get name tags now??? I want mine to say "Elvis".
  • bad feedback on facebook: Hopefully I didn't get any...
  • "rob bell" pastor podcast: Does he have one?
  • churches for marvel ultimate alliance 2: I'm all for it!
  • encourage one another and build one another up: Sound like a great idea!
  • pastors' reading list: Haven't even made a dent in mine!
  • it's been years since I was a pastor: I hope God calls you back to it!
  • re-learn how to read: still trying!
  • sermon series on natural church development: NCD is pretty neat...
  • Marvel Comic Civil War blog: Is there a blog for this?
  • robyn norris facebook: Sorry. Don't know him.
  • bad 90s: It wasn't that bad...
  • WORK WEEK FOR PASTORS: I work 40-45 hours a week. Friday and Saturday off.
  • My 1st bad ebay experience: I hate it when that happens.
  • is wrestling with God is it a blessing: I think so. But that may just be me :-)

Thanks for reading everyone!


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