Star Wars Game on the Wii

Since I've picked up the Nintendo Wii in April I've been anxious for some news as to whether or not we'd ever see a really cool Star Wars game on this platform. Some of my favorite video games of all time have been the Jedi Knight series on the PC. Visions of running around my living room, using the Wii remote as my lightsaber have brought glee of geekiness to my heart!

I just stumbled on this piece of news on the Lucasarts website. Not sure how I missed it... but the new LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga will be coming out on the Wii! I haven't played either of the first two LEGO Star Wars games since my PC is nearly 8 years old and just not powerful enough for them. So I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one!

I sure do hope Lucasarts goes all out with the options on the Wii remote!


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