Ten Years!

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of when my wife, Danielle, and I started dating!

Actually, it wasn't exactly when we started dating... we started dating a few weeks before that... July 10th, 1997 was when she let me put a "label" on our relationship and I was allowed to introduce her to my friends and colleagues as "my girlfriend".


Love ya babe! You're the greatest! Looking forward to several more 10 year milestones!


Chris Whisonant said…
Congrats! This October will be the 10th anniversary of my first date with my wife.
Kevin said…
Isn't it just amazing how quickly ten years flies by???
Joe Litton said…
Hey, congrats man! Shirley and I will be celebrating our 27 yr anniversary next month. It does my heart good to see couples staying together.

I read years ago that one factor in successful relationships is a shared spiritual or philosophical foundation. That's definitely the case for Shirley and I, as I know it is for you and Danielle. When all else springs from that solid foundation, it's not a guarantee of a long and loving marriage ...but it helps tremendously!

Cheers :)
Kevin said…
27 years!! That's awesome!

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