Transformers was AWESOME!

I love it when a summer blockbuster doesn't disappoint! And TRANSFORMERS definitely lived up to and far exceeded my expectations!

From beginning to end, my mouth was wide open in awe over the effects of the robots transforming back and forth from vehicle to robot. I laughed my head off at the humour and sat there blown away during the battle scenes. I loved the military aspect of the story... except for the guy who heads up Sector 7. They should have done that guy differently.

Sure... I wish we would have seen more of the Decepticons. And I would have loved to see Megatron transform into a giant alien blaster canon, and smack around Starscream. But those little details can easily be ignored or, better yet, looked forward to in the sequel!

I will DEFINITELY be seeing this movie again on the big screen before the end of the summer!


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