A New Captain America and Bye-Bye Spidey

I gotta get to the comic book store today since yesterday the newest issue of Captain America came out. In this issue we see the return of Captain America since Cap died last year.

I've been a big fan of this Captain America series. I'm really looking forward to seeing where they're going to be going with this storyline.

In other comic stuff, I've decided to stop reading The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm sure all you comic geeks out there are all totally aware with the One More Day and Brand New Day fiasco that has been plaguing Spider-Man the last few months. Since I just loved the direction that Peter Parker's life has been going since the Civil War, I decided to stick it out and give it a fair chance... but with these changes I just can't stomach it.

The main reason I'm dropping Spider-Man is what I'm calling the Friends-dilemma. I got back into reading comics because I LOVED the Civil War series and what it meant to many of my favorite characters. I loved how it changed the life of Spider-Man. I loved the fact that his identity was public but he was still a fugitive. The story possibilities where endless! I loved the fact that he was a husband and was dealing with husband issues. I loved the fact that he was an Avenger. I loved all of this. Brand New Day brings Spider-Man back to the I-Have-No-Money-And-No-Life which has been his main problems for the entire existence of the character. This works FANTASTIC for a teenaged Spider-Man who is trying to find his place in the world - which is already being done with great success in the Ultimate Spider-Man series. It doesn't work at all for a man in his thirties! Hence why I call it the Friends-dilemma. The TV show friends was great when it was all about young friends in their twenties... but as they get older, their sad love lives and money problems, well, it just becomes sad! Time to grow up and move on people! I think that's the main reason the spin-off show Joey flopped. The dude is pushing 40 and still running around after girls and trying to find a job. That's not interesting. That's sad. No one wants to watch (or read) that!

So now, for me, Peter Parker falls back into that sad state. Back living with his Aunt May. Back to having no job or money. Back to never being able to get the girl. And I just can't be bothered reading about a 30-something year old man dealing with those issues. Dude. Just sell your web-fluid formula to the government and never worry about money again! Simple. :-)

Sorry Marvel. The plan to get me to read Spider-Man three times a month backfired. Maybe I'll start checking out what's going on with Batman or Superman...


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